Stand Up Paddle Board (SUPs) For Sale

With modern roots in Hawaii and born from surfing, Stand up paddle boarders stand on boards that are floating on the water, and use a perfectly fitted paddle to propel themselves through the water. First documented in 2013, SUP has been the fastest growing sport in the world consistently to this day. Records of earlier forms of the hobby SUP, trace back to 3,000 B.C, spanning over various regions such as Peru, Levant, Italy, and China. Stand up paddle boarding includes variations such as Flat water, All water, Racing, Surfing, Whitewater paddling. In addition SUP Yoga + SUP Fishing were introduced to the market. SUP is a variation of surfing although the process of surfing a wave on a paddle board is known as Paddle Surfing. 

The Outdoor Foundation's 2015 Special Report into Paddlesports found that 2.8 million (or 0.9%) of Americans participated in standup paddleboarding in 2014.

Most SUP boards are in the range of 10–12 feet, with boards over 12 feet used mostly for racing, and those under 10 feet primarily used for SUP surfing.  The size board a user would choose depends on the user’s weight, although height can also be a factor. Wider boards give better stability for beginners, as well as users who plan to do casual activities with their board, such as yoga, touring and fishing. Narrower boards are more agile and are mostly used by advanced paddlers and for SUP surfing.