11'6 ELECTRIC E-Breeze Ace-Tec Performer SUP Stand Up Paddle Board NEW + Remote Control + Paddle + ALL HARDWARE

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11’6 Ace-Tec E-BREEZE Performer Electric SUP Stand Up Paddleboard - NEW 

Top Speed 5km/hr = 3.mph 

1-3 Hours Battery Life

-Ace-Tec Construction, Strong & Light

-Triple Fin Box, FCS II Fin + M5 Side Fins 

-EVA Limited Foam Deckpad 

-180W Brushless Motor, Motion Core Fully Integrated Drive Unit & Wireless  Intelligent Assistance 

-LI-ON Waterproof Battery 1-3hr battery Life comes with charger + adapters 

-Web Application, manage your engine power/battery level with the “Motion Core Technology” APP on both IOS + Android

-Wrist/Paddle Remote Control with 3 speeds 

-Front attachment points, Plus Deck Bungies 

1st Real Electric Drive SUP

1-3 Hours of FULL ELECTRIC Battery Life 

Total Weight: 42lbs 

Max Rider Weight: 250lbs 

Who has ever experienced the need for extra propulsion when the headwind rises or when you feel tired while stand-up paddling? With the E-BREEZE PERFORMER, you will never feel so comfy on a SUP. The E-volution of SUP is all about gliding and fun. It's the SUP without its inconveniences and with more possibilities.

The innovation? A motor fully integrated into the Performer's super stable hull. The E-BREEZE PERFORMER is the ideal board for endless flat water expeditions and small wave riding. With the remote control attached to the wrist or paddle, you can adjust your speed (3 levels). The first rigid electric SUP comes with an engine and accessories.


1x 11'6'' E-Breeze Performer

1x Li-ion battery with charger and adaptors (EU/UK)

1x Removable FCS II Tool-Free 10” Dolphin fin

2x Removable FCS M5 side fins

1x Remote control with attachments

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