Pop Board Co RATCHET Carbon Fiber CF Adj. Stand up paddle board : NEW SUP PADDLE

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RATCHET CF CARBON SUP Paddle Board Paddle 2 Piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP PADDLE Stand Up Paddle Board PADDLE. Condition is NEW!

Tough, versatile SUP paddle designed to excel in all water conditions. Incredibly lightweight genuine ALL CARBON fiber mesh weave construction with 21 adjustable sizes! When paddleboarding with surf is in sight, drop down 2 inches and let the Ratchet handle the rest! Carbon fiber blade has ABS edge to beef up its protection. Ergonomic grip lets your hand comfortably wrap around it for a longer, harder, and faster ride. 

Made in California USA

Blade Width: 8"
Blade Surface: 90 Square Inches
Angle: 10.5 Degrees
Weight: 1.56lbs : 25oz

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