17'9" Zegul Kayaks GREENLAND GT Performance Rigid A-Core Sea Kayak Touring Kayak Black

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17’9” Zegul Kayaks GREENLAND GT Performance Sea Kayak Black


100% Honeycomb Fiberglass Sea Kayak Handmade by Master Boat Builders on the Baltic Sea in ESTONIA Europe!


Key Features:

100% Honeycomb Fiberglass

Retractable Skeg

3 Gear Separate Hatches

A-Core Layup, Sandwich Build

Sandwich Reinforced Keel

High Rocker | Narrow Cockpit


Perfect for paddlers wanting a classic Greenland style Kayak, but need more comfort, storage space, and stability for longer outings.


The GT has a slightly wider hull, adding more stability and a roomier keyhole cockpit, which enables easier entrance and exit!


Low center of volume, giving you full control and bringing you closer to the water than ever. In order to ease maneuvers, the Zegul Greenland is designed with a hard chine all the way along the 18-foot V-bottom hull.


This High Performance Sea Kayak makes Eskimo Rolls look easy. It was built to withstand Extreme Conditions!!



Length | 17’9”

Width | 21.3"

Thickness | 12.6”

Weight | 55lbs

Max Weight Load | 298lbs

Construction | A Core

Handmade | Estonia Europe