16'7" Zegul ARROW NUKA GT Touring A-Core 100% Honeycomb Fiberglass Sea Kayak Red/Black NEW

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16'7" Zegul Kayaks (Estonia Europe) ARROW NUKA GT Red|Black

100% Honeycomb Fiberglass Sea Kayak Handmade by Master Boat Builders on the Baltic Sea in ESTONIA Europe❗️

Key Features:
100% Honeycomb Fiberglass
Rectractable Skeg
Speed optimized Hull
A-Core Layup, Sandwich Build
Sandwich Reinforced Keel
Oval Hatch best for loading gear

High Performance Touring Kayak built to withstand the Most Challenging Environments.

Optimized ROUND Hull for less resistance and less water wet surface, making the NUKA GT glide effortlessly fast through the water.

The GT has less Rocker and more raking Bow and stern, which increases the water line when loaded.

Length | 16'7"
Width | 20"
Thickness | 13"
Weight | 49lbs
Max Weight Load | 320lbs
Construction | A Core
Handmade | Estonia Europe

Built to PADDLE EXTREME Conditions